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Forgive Me Father Series

Praise and Hands Raised

Forgive Our Ignorance

Book One: Forgive Me Father Series

The fall of humanity. A lifetime of lies. When the devout daughter of a religious Prophet discovers the role her father played in destroying mankind, she’ll have to fight not just for her freedom, but for her life.

Follow God. Obey the Prophet. Become a wife. Have a baby. Leave your old family behind to join a new one. Rewards only come to obedient and pious girls. For Maura Coutts, the daughter of the Prophet, it doesn’t matter that a plague decimated the outside world a little over a year ago. She has plenty to focus on, until the day she falls into the creek.

Swept away from the borders of her commune, Maura is saved by an Outsider who isn’t supposed to exist. And when he brings her into a group of his own, she learns what really happened when disease arrived on their shores — and the role her beloved Prophet played in it. Can Maura survive a brutal world that hates her and everything she once believed in, or is she doomed to return to a commune that will stop at nothing to protect their lies?

Forgive Our Ignorance is the first book in a five-part series that follows the struggle of a sheltered woman navigating an apocalyptic landscape. After a lifetime of deception, she discovers that the men she’s relied on for so long only have their own best interests in mind.


And it’s time for someone to fight back.


Forgive Our Sins

Book Two: Forgive Me Father Series

I thought we were the last survivors on Earth. Now, I know better. 

After fleeing her commune and leaving behind everything she's ever known, Maura Coutts may never be forgiven for her sin. She embarks on a dangerous journey to return to the group that helped her survive once before. But as she travels deeper into the unknown, she finds the world is more brutal than she could’ve imagined. 

Just when she thinks all hope is lost, Maura finds an old friend in dire need of medical care. But with the odds stacked against them and her limited survival skills, she’s not sure they’ll make it out alive. Can Maura save herself, her companion, and find the group she’s looking for? Or has she sacrificed her comfortable prison for certain death?

Forgive Our Sins is the second book in a five-part series following a sheltered woman facing impossible odds in a post-apocalyptic world. After a lifetime of deception, she’s ready to show those who doubted her how strong she can be.


Forgive Our Survival

Book Three: Forgive Me Father Series

Forgive Our Fight

Book Four: Forgive Me Father Series

Forgive Our Redemption

Book Five: Forgive Me Father Series

Forgive Our Sins
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