Love in the Dark

Once the chocolates and cards are trashed, what lies beneath the glitter of Valentine’s Day?

As Valentine’s Day looms, the world prepares for a holiday filled with love and treats. But when sweethearts turn sinful and lovers turn lethal, some will need to find more than a love potion to fight for their lives. Can they survive killer dates, conniving gaslighters, and vicious dogs?

Love in the Dark: A Paranormal Romance/Horror Valentine’s Anthology is a collection of dark and disturbing short stories exploring the repulsive and spooky side of this traditionally cheerful holiday. If you enjoy morbid humor, guts and gore, and ghosts with a vengeance, then you’ll love this unsettling anthology.

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Holiday Spirit

Dive into 40+ short stories and discover what makes the last month of the year so divine.

For this cast of jolly characters, December is much more than Christmas tree toppers and menorahs. With sinister santas, magical solstices, and the ever famous Krampus on their heels, the holidays will never be the same. Can the snowmen get their revenge? Will a friend get the call he desperately needs on National Call a Friend Day? Does the Christmas abomination finally find a vulnerable victim?

Holiday Spirit: A WPC Press Anthology is a collection of multi-genre short stories featuring a variety of reasons to celebrate or… panic in the festive month of December. If you like obscure hidden holidays, mysterious happenings, and feel-good holiday surprises, then you’ll love this entertaining anthology.

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Circle of Magic

A coven of witches, an order of wizards, a herd of dragons. Discover an abundance of magic packed into 100-word stories.

What evils are wizards hunting? What really happens during a full-moon sacrifice? Will the fairies find their fourth for bridge? With over 100 creative tales featuring creepy crones, delicate fae, powerful nymphs, and more, you’ll disappear off the beaten path. Will magic help our extensive catalog of creatures thrive or be the reason they meet their demise?

Circle of Magic is a carefully compiled anthology that explores the depths of the supernatural and fantastical in bite-sized snippets. If you like imaginative characters, mysterious explorations, and skullduggery with your favorite mythical creatures, then you’ll love these short-burst drabbles.


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