Don't Go Out After Dark

A Paranormal Hunters Novella

Deep in the Appalachian woods, the monsters don’t always hide…

All Hannah Arodazac wants is a normal life for her sister. Being raised by a mother who hunts the supernatural for a living, Hannah knows her own path leads to nowhere, but she still has hope for her sibling. Until one afternoon their mother’s best friend calls the girls to tell them their mother is missing.

Forced to venture into the deep Appalachian woods, the trio of women pick up her trail but are wary to venture out into the dangerous night. At odds with her companions, Hannah chooses to explore on her own, wandering into unknown territory with disguised predators around every turn. And when she thinks she’s found the help she’s been seeking, she’ll find out the true nature of Appalachia — the hard way.

Can Hannah find her mother and make it out alive?


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