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Caitlin Mazur


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New Release

Don't Go Out After Dark

Deep in the Appalachian woods, the monsters don’t always hide…

All Hannah Arodazac wants is a normal life for her sister. Being raised by a mother who hunts the supernatural for a living, Hannah knows her own path leads to nowhere, but she still has hope for her sibling. Until one afternoon their mother’s best friend calls the girls to tell them their mother is missing.

Forced to venture into the deep Appalachian woods, the trio of women pick up her trail but are wary to venture out into the dangerous night. At odds with her companions, Hannah chooses to explore on her own, wandering into unknown territory with disguised predators around every turn. And when she thinks she’s found the help she’s been seeking, she’ll find out the true nature of Appalachia — the hard way.

Can Hannah find her mother and make it out alive?


“Don’t Go Out After Dark” features a family --a mom, two daughters and a good family friend….and they hunt the supernatural. At least the mother does, until one night she goes missing deep in the woods of Appalachia, which, as everyone knows, is not the ideal place to be when one goes missing. This sets our main character Hannah off on a quest to find her mother, and along the way, find out if she has what it takes to confront supernatural forces on her own. This fast-paced story serves just the right level of creepy horror when we find out what’s happened to Hannah’s mom and what she has to do to survive the night in the woods. I especially loved the ending. It will definitely keep you engaged and perhaps keep you up at night!

‘Caitlin Mazur has a gift for drawing the reader into a story and keeping them there.”

Goodreads Reviewer


This was a great story written with wonderful detail to help imagine in your head the anger, fear and happiness of all characters. I so hope to have more to this story line! Girl power!!

‘The author dives right into the action from the first page and doesn't let up all the way through.’
Goodreads Reviewer

Lily had always worked with Angela as a hunter of the paranormal. They not only hunted the paranormal entities but they also worked very hard to keep Angela’s grown children—Hannah and Tegan—safe from the dangers hunting brought near.

When Angela goes missing, Lily and the two girls go off to the Appalachian Mountains to search for her. Most adults tell their children there’s nothing in the dark that isn’t in the light, but in this instance they would be dead wrong… sometimes literally.

Hannah separates from the other two in a fit of rage and quickly realizes why she’s been told not to go out after dark.

What will become of Hannah? Will Angela be found? Jump into this well written story by Caitlin Mazur to find the answers to these questions and so much more.

'An overall perfect read to make you afraid of the dark!' 

Goodreads Reviewer

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About Caitlin Mazur

Caitlin Mazur is a multi-genre author whose works span science fiction, speculative fiction, horror, and supernatural genres.  Caitlin co-founded the Writing, Prompts & Critiques (WPC) Facebook community with over 11k members, named one of Reedsy's 50 Best Places to Find a Critique Circle.

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