Six Helpful Online Valve Resources

January 6, 2015

Finding information about valves can be overwhelming or confusing, especially to beginners. When researching a valve for your application, it’s important to know what you’re looking at so you are able to make the best purchasing decision possible. Since the internet is filled with a variety of sources related to valves, it’s sometimes hard to narrow these sources down. Thanks to Flow Control Network, we are bringing you the six best online resources for valves. 

1. Open-Source Valve Textbook


The Chemical Engineering Process Dynamics and Controls Open Textbook, is built and contributed to by students from the University of Michigan’s Department of Engineering. This text fully covers the department’s senior-level controls course. This valuable resource provides information on industrial valve types and the best practices to use when selecting your valve. Some topics included in this textbook include valve types, safety valves, flow characteristics, valve sizing, materials of construction, and actuators. Additionally, a video lecture is conveniently available for viewing. To see more, click here.

2. Control Valve Handbook, 4th Edition


The Control Valve Handbook, comes from Emerson Process Management. This handbook was originally created and published in 1965. Emerson has recently released their fourth edition which includes an Introduction to Terminology, Control Valve Performance, Valve, and Actuator types, Digital Valve Controllers, Analog Positioners, Boosters, and Control Valve Accessories, Selection Strategies, Steam Conditioning Valves, Control Valve Installation and Maintenance, Valve Standards, Engineering Reference Data, Piping Reference Data, and Common Conversions. To take a look through this incredibly valuable resource, click here.

3. Valve Standards & Specification


If you are looking for in-depth information on valve-related applications and technologies, then (LINK) is a very valuable online portal for your search. The site features an up-to-date list of valve standards, specific references to valve standards and sections, and a contact link for users to submit listing updates and the option to suggest additions to the list. The standards that are covered include the following: AD-Merkblätter, ANSI, API, ASME, ASTM, BS (UK), DIN, EN, FCI, IEC, ISA, ISO, MSS, NACE, NAMUR, TRD, VDE/VDI. Click here for more.

4. Valve Industry Buyer’s Guide


The Valve Industry Buyer’s Guide is an online resource that allows users to search for valve suppliers by location, company or technology category. The Valve Industry Buyer’s guide features the following categories: Actuation & Control; Castings, Forgings & Raw Material; Cleaning & Maintenance; Coatings & Paints; Components, Parts & Accessories; Instrumentation; OEM Support Services; Packings/Seals/Gaskets; Professional Services & Consultants; Pumps; Resources; Safety; Software; Valve Insulation; Valve Operating Systems; and Valve Service, Repair & Testing. This resource is located here.



Described as an “information and connection hub” for engineers, technicians, sales executives, marketing executives, and others working in the global valve industry, this resource is valuable for all types of individuals. This website offers a digital community through websites, e-newsletters, and social media channels. This website is intended to give professionals a place to exchange ideas, news, stories, product information, case studies, videos, event information, and much more. To join or learn more, click here.

6. Valve Glossary App


From Cameron International, the Valve Glossary app includes over 400 valve automation terms for quick reference when you need it. Beyond valve terminology, this app features a variety of other resources including conversion tables and equivalents, steel pipe flange dimensions, specific gravity of gases and liquids, and other standard constants and equations. This app is free and available on Google Play and Apple iTunes.



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