Spooky Forest


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Hellbent on uncovering her mother’s secrets, high-school student Hannah Arodazac teams up with her step-sister to get the job done. But they soon find that snooping has consequences after falling prey to a deadly werewolf. And when their mother comes to save the day, the girls finally uncover what she’s really been hiding all along: a life of hunting the supernatural. Can Hannah and her sister survive a new world filled with monsters, mayhem, and murder?

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Maura Coutts’s life hasn’t changed much since the end of the world. She and the rest of her commune work hard to serve the Lord, in hopes he will deliver them to paradise as the last remaining souls on Earth. As the daughter of the leader, Maura knows she must set a good example no matter what the cost. So, in an effort to impress her family, Maura attempts a dangerous trek to find supplies. But when she ends up falling into a rushing creek, she’s certain she’s as good as dead.

Luckily, Maura is rescued by a mysterious man who is part of a larger group -- one that isn’t supposed to exist. This revelation exposes her to a world beyond her wildest dreams. Along with this new group of outcasts --  a young ex-con, a gun-touting diva, a middle-aged survivalist, and a five-year-old orphan, Maura learns what really happened after the apocalypse. Faced with difficult truths and facts that upend her reality, she begins to question everything she’s ever known. And when the hunters in her commune come looking for her, she’s faced with the choice between family and freedom.